Journal of Critical and Intensive Care 2020 , Vol 11 (Supplement)
Blood Purification Treatments in COVID-19
Sahin TEMEL 1 ,Murat SUNGUR 1
1Erciyes University, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Critical Care, Kayseri, Turkey DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2020.2436 Severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) emerged for the first time in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. These viruses mainly cause respiratory and intestinal infections and induce a variety of clinical manifestations (1, 2). High virus titer and the subsequent strong inflammatory cytokine and chemokine responses are related to the high morbidity and mortality observed during the pathogenic HCoV infection. Blood purification system including plasma exchange, adsorption, perfusion, blood/plasma filtration, etc., can remove inflammatory factors, block the "cytokine storm", to reduce the damage of inflammatory response to the body. This therapy can be used for severe and critical patients in the early and middle stages of the disease (3). We recommend not using Extracorporeal treatments based on cytokine and / or endotoxin removal routinely in patients infected with COVID-19 due to insufficient studies (4). Keywords : COVID-19, Blood purification therapy, sepsis, SARS-CoV-2