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Journal of Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Medicine 2015 , Vol 6, Issue 2
Original Article
Retrospective Analysis of Patients with Brain Death Original Article
Pages 23-26 DOI : 10.5152/dcbybd.2015.595
Effects of Gender on Physical, Physiological, and Clinical Characteristics in Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Original Article
Pages 27-33 DOI : 10.5152/dcbybd.2015.744
Knowledge Levels of Intensive Care Unit Nurses on Central Venous Catheters Original Article
Pages 34-38 DOI : 10.5152/dcbybd.2015.828
Are Spontaneous Peak Flow Rates Predictors of Weaning? Original Article
Pages 39-43 DOI : 10.5152/dcbybd.2015.911
Microorganisms that are Difficult to Control in the Intensive Care Units: Acinetobacter Original Article
Pages 44-47 DOI : 10.5152/dcbybd.2015.930
Case Report
Cerebral Venous Thrombosis: A Case Series and Literature Review Case Report
Pages 48-56 DOI : 10.5152/dcbybd.2015.706
Severe Lactic Acidosis Associated with Burkitt’s Lymphoma Case Report
Pages 57-59 DOI : 10.5152/dcbybd.2015.759
Literature Summary