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Journal of Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Medicine 2019 , Vol 10, Issue 2
Original Article
Comparison of Glasgow Coma Scale and GCS-Age Prognosis Score in Older Adult Patients Original Article
Pages 035-040 DOI : 10.33381/dcbybd.2019.2068
Low Cortisol Levels as a Cause of Hypotension During Extended ICU Stay Original Article
Pages 041-046 DOI : 10.33381/dcbybd.2019.2008
Severe Acidemia, Leukocytosis and Low Hematocrit Levels at Admission as Mortality Predictors of Elderly Intensive Care Unit Patients Original Article
Pages 047-052 DOI : 10.33381/dcbybd.2019.2015
Evaluation of Physical Restraint Practices and Their Neurovascular Effect on Intensive Care Unit Patients Original Article
Pages 053-062 DOI : 10.33381/dcbybd.2019.2031
Case Report
Cranial Computed Tomography Findings in Methanol Intoxication: Two Case Reports Case Report
Pages 070-074 DOI : 10.33381/dcbybd.2019.2121