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Journal of Critical and Intensive Care 2021 , Vol 12, Issue 3
Original Article
The Effect of Infection Agents Obtained From Intensive Care Patients on the Resistance Pattern and Patient Outcomes Original Article
Pages 064-068 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2021.2682
The Relationship Between Hypothermia Duration and Amount of Bleeding After Open Heart Surgery Original Article
Pages 069-074 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2021.2820
The Prevalence of Sepsis and Septic Shock in a Middle-Income Country: Experience of Two Tertiary Hospitals in Jordan Original Article
Pages 075-079 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2021.2795
The Relationship Between Hypoalbuminemia and Mortality in Geriatric Patients with Sepsis Original Article
Pages 080-084 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2021.2824
Application of the Modified Barrow Oral Care Protocol in Patients Receiving Mechanical Ventilation Original Article
Pages 085-090 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2021.2619
Efficiencies of Laboratory Parameters in Covid-19 Patients Follow up Original Article
Pages 091-095 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2021.2771
Case Report
Type 1 Brugada Type-ECG Pattern Provoked by Fever in a Patient with COVID-19 Case Report
Pages 096-098 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2021.2769
Anticholinergic Syndrome Due to the Use of Datura Stramonium Seeds for Constipation: A Story of Prolonged ICU Stay Case Report
Pages 099-101 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2021.2673
Letter to the Editor
Retrospective Evaluation of Frequency and Factors Affecting Development of Tracheomalacia in Critically ill Patients with Prolonged Intubation Letter to the Editor
Pages 102-103 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2021.2855