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Journal of Critical and Intensive Care 2022 , Vol 13, Issue 3
Original Article
Different Dose Corticosteroid Treatment Protocols for COVID-19 Patients Admitted to Intensive Care: Comparison of the Effects on Efficacy and Mortality Original Article
Pages 084-089 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2022.3021
Vasopressor Starting Dose and Association with Hemodynamic Goals, Renal Replacement Therapy, and Mortality Original Article
Pages 090-096 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2022.3132
The Impact of Body Mass Index on Intensive Care Unit Outcomes of Critically ill Patients Original Article
Pages 097-101 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2022.3209
Blood Pressure Measurement Compared Between Oscillometric Blood Pressure Monitoring and Gold Standard Intra-Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring in Adult Shock Resuscitation Patients Original Article
Pages 102-109 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2022.3230
Acute Kidney Injury Incidence, Risk Factors and Effects on Mortality in Critically ill COVID-19 Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Study Original Article
Pages 110-114 DOI : 10.37678/dcybd.2022.3251