Journal of Critical and Intensive Care
Smilar Issues: 7 Record Found
Three Iatrogenic Cases of Wernicke’s Encephalopathy From Turkey: An Early Warning
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Nutritional Support Therapy Practices in a Medical Intensive Care Unit
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Factors Associated with Insufficient Nutrition and Effects of Timely Adequate Nutrition Support on Patient Outcomes in Intubated Adult Intensive Care Unit Patients
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Awareness of Healthcare Professionals About Sorbitol-Related Diarrhea in Pediatrics
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Practice Perspectives of Healthcare Professionals Regarding Common Dilemmas Associated with Enteral Nutrition
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Approach to Nutritional Therapy in Patients Who Require Vasopressors General Information and Protocol Proposal
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Anticholinergic Syndrome Due to the Use of Datura Stramonium Seeds for Constipation: A Story of Prolonged ICU Stay
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